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petr | Edited: 09.10.2008 - 13:12:27

Touch of spider legs on human skin ... Unexplainable noises in the middle of the night in a foreign house ... needles, which are approaching closer and closer ... White fangs furious dog ... Ten world komiksovıch makers recovered ancient fear of the darkness and created a unique animated film. The film opens the story of a boy who becomes a victim of attractive girls. Free follow-up nightmare for young Japanese girls Sumako, which is not a no wake. In another bad dream disappearing people, unknown why, in the depths of swamps. Silence interrupted scary barking pack of dogs, which are after your estate goes through a Spanish aristocrat. Lord of the mustache will come back to that house, which sought shelter, everything is completely fine. Entire movie is cyclically intertwined reasoning over mankind, which complement the evil abstract paintings.

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